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Visual Branding

Atelier Barbara Melo

Bárbara Melo is today one of the largest Brazilian online selling brands specializing in tailored wedding and party dresses (S to XL), serving women worldwide.


The brand was born from the childhood passion of the designer who, since very young, had contact with the universe of fabrics, lace and embroidery and who at seven years already developed dresses for all her dolls. After graduating as a Fashion Designer in 2011 from Anhembi Morumbi in São Paulo, Bárbara committed herself to the experience of developing her sister-in-law's wedding dress and thereby gained her space to dress the dream of the world's women. . 


The brand has been in the market since 2012 and constantly strives to innovate in the development and execution of each piece, achieving a high standard of quality and perfection in the production of each client's dress.


The Atelier has a team of women in a continuous process of qualification and improvement, committed to working with passion, responsibility and transparency to delight their clients.


"We exist to fulfill the dream of the people of the fashion world, enchanting through our customized solutions. Gratitude and love for what we do, for continuous improvement, perfection in everything, honesty and responsibility, define who is part of and benefits from this universe."

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Barbara Melo


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Visual Branding


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Victor Weiss


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be exclusive.

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