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Visual Branding


Noah Outric founded noōu architecture studio in 2006.


The noōu naming concept is a combination of Noah's initials and it also means "new" in French.


Noah and his nine designer's team are focused in high quality world wide architecture and interior design projects.

The studio is famous for its abstract, minimalist, abnormal projects. Innovation and out of the box thinking is in their DNA.

Creativity is a key word on this project, it's the core to noōu design.


When asked what brought Noah into the Architecture world, he told our team a short story he heard in art school.


There once was a young man, designing an architectural model at college. The professor would swing by once or twice and tell him it was not reaching the expected result. After several minutes the teacher came over to his desk and wrote on a small piece of paper. "Flip it". As it was a test, naturally the teacher could not give feedback's or tips before the end result and score. But he knew his insight could change the project entirely. The young student, even through blind sighted with the unsuspected idea, flipped the model board and was surprised by the unusual, yet amazing result.


This short story was an inspiration to the noōu brand.

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Visual Branding


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Victor Weiss


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be exclusive.

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