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Villa Salut is a natural products company located in Araguaína, Tocantins/Brazil.


The store's focus is on bulk sales, nuts, cereals, juices, grains, flours, herbs, spices, dehydrated fruits, among others.The sale of industrialized products is exclusive to healthy foods and beverages.

Villa Salut target clients are people who are looking for a healthy diet, and have a sports/nature related lifestyle.

There's algo a market for customers with food restrictions. Due to the exclusivity of the offered products, most of the public is categorized in classes A and B.


We wanted the brand to be attractive to these sectors.




After understanding the customer and his product, we needed to create a name that represented our entire idea, something that was straightforward in the understanding of the "healthy" that would bring the feeling of organic and natural products. The first word to come up in our drafts was always HEALTH, but we wanted to avoid cliches.


We decided to start from the origins.


The surname of one of the companies CEO's is Bacelar, from ancestors of tradicional Barcelona Families. By studying the regions and their history, we found that it was common to have organic farmers in the region of Catalonia, where the locals produced and brought their food to sale in the markets of the local villages. (Villages in Catalan are called Villas) 

Following up in the Catalan language we brought the word Health, "Salut", to represent the natural, organic products and lifestyle.



Facilitate access to healthy products, thus providing quality of life, and well-being.


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Villa Salut


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Victor Weiss


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